Inner Space ~ Inner Peace

This is a seated practice
Find a comfortable quiet place
Please allow at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted attention if possible, especially the first time.

This practice is called Inner Space ~ Inner Peace. Through this exercise, you will learn to create an internal sacred space where you are able to maintain a deep sense of calm and inner peace regardless of your external circumstances. 

The result is, you will no longer leak energy by reacting to external events with energy-depleting emotions like fear, frustration, and anger. 

By conserving your energy, you will open the space for your body to access deep reserves of healing energy and start to rejuvenate and repair at a much faster rate. 

This exercise is a powerful tool for creating and cultivating your precious internal resources as well as preserving and protecting your inner peace. 

Once you master this exercise, you can do it even with your eyes open walking around during daily life as soon as you feel you are reacting negatively to someone else’s negative behavior or any other external circumstance. 

You will remember this exercise and immediately create your inner sacred space and restore your sense of calm and balance. 

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